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Fade Down in PE

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Is there an easy way to set the end value of a fade down? For example, I want to fade down from 100% to 50%. As a workaround, I have been making my fade twice as long and then clip the end half to get 50%. But when the desired end intensity is 30% or 40%, the length of the fade has been a trial-and-error type of ordeal.

It would be nice if the tool had a way to set the start/end values.

Any suggestions? Thank you!


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For now you need to keep doing what you are doing. In the next major release (S5) it will be very easy.


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I hope S5 is better than S4.  I paid the money and upgraded the entire suite when it came out and have not used it once because it was not great to use.. this stuff is just one example.  I pretty much wrote off S4 as a complete loss.. Others have used it successfully.. but it honestly wasn't worth the time IMHO... and I am a BIG LOR fan..


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