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Fire effect problem


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I have a matrix on which I want to display the fire effect, so I did that in the PE. It looks fine in PE preview (ie: Flames are all red, orange, yellow)

But when I save the intensity file and run it live from SE there are all sorts of of artifacts and other colors.

This shows up both in the visualizer and the physical matrix.

Any ideas ?

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The matrix is the only thing I have in the PE.

In PE it looks like something on the left... but in the Visualizer and the physical matrix it ends up looking like this:

(I'm at work right now.. so I cant do a real screen capture)


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19 minutes ago, MattBrown said:

How many pixels are in your matrix? Are they on an enhanced LOR network? What controller? What speed?


Is 50 wide x 24 tall   e1.31 (san devices e682)

The weird thing is that I see the artifacts in the Visualizer too.

so I'm guessing something is happening in the creation of the intensity file

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His Max Channels setting in Prop Definition was set to 512 instead of 510. 510 is the proper setting was using an E682 controller.

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... when using an E682 controller.

Thank You! I tried mine on a Pixlite and it was ok.

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