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saving same file under a different name


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I sequenced a song in SE then added props in PE and save intensity file...I then made a changed to the sequence and saved it under a different name but the intensity file is still linked to both LMS files, how do I remove the old intensity file and create a new one? Is there a line in the LMS file I can remove to unlink them? Thanks

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Try this, seems to me PE is a bit odd about file save as.

When you save the new file name, close the file and then re open. Then save the intensity data file.

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In PE, File > Save As works like File > Save a Copy in some other programs. It makes a copy of your LMS/LAS and LPE files to the name you specify, but you keep working on your original file. An intensity data file is not create for the copy. As mentioned above, you need to specifically open the copy and perform a Save Intensity Data operation for a LID file to be created.

Also note that Tools > Preferences > Save As can be used to specify that the time and date be incorporated into the file name during Save As. This can be excellent for making backing copies while you work on your sequence.


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