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Rj45 jacks


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Ok so it appears that I have some bad rj45 jacks. When I wiggle a couple of them they work. One set though does not work at all, though it did when I tested everything in the house. The help desk recommmeds reheating the connections then then re solder them in? Anyone ever do this with success?

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I have had this problem multiple times.

What was happening for me was that the spring loaded "pins" if you want to call them that inside the jack get stuck in the down position sometimes so don't make

contact with your cat5 cable when you plug it in. I had to take the smallest flat head jewelers screwdriver (or a pin or something small like that) and I used a lighted

magnifying glass to look inside the jack and had to play with the pins until they all sprung back up and I have been able to get them to work again every time I've tried this.

Hope that helps.

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