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Show runs sluggish and end controllers not lighting


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I added another 16 channel CTB16PCG3 to my display from last year which ran great, and I can connect to it directly and controll each strand properly, but when I have it in line with the rest of my network, the lights run sluggishly during playback on the overall network and the last CTP16 doesn't work at all.  

I currently have my setup as follows:

Laptop USB3 Port to USB485B with voltage booster --> CTB16PCG3 - -> PixCon16 --> CCP100D --> CTB16PCG3 --> CCP100D

If I only run the first 3 units, (CTB16PCG3 - -> PixCon16 --> CCP100D) everything plays as it was sequenced and fast.  Once I add the other CTB16PCG3 and CCP100D the whole thing slows down and doesn't play as it was sequenced and the lights connected to the 2nd CTP16PC dont light at all, however the last CCP100D plays fine.

The PixCon16 is running 1260 channels over 11 ports and both CCP100D's have two ribbons of 50 pixels each running 300 channels each.  Both CTB16's are running the v1.08 firmware.

Any ideas why adding the other controller slows down the whole show?  The music plays normally but the lights aren't sequencing everything they should be?  Any ideas to fix it?  I have two ports on the USB485B so would running a separate line out to the other CTB16 and CCP100D make any difference?

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