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pixcon16 with some mis fires


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Hope I have this in the right place. This is my first time using the pixcon16 and a matrix. I am using e1.31 system . It is miss firing on some of my images. And doing what it should on others. If I have Merry Christmas scrolling from right to left, I get one or two pixel lines in the middle of Merry Christmas that scrolls from left to right . I have also used a few animated gifs that also show up with radium pixels firing out of place. Everything looks correct when viewing through the visualizer. This happens mainly when I used the Pixel Editor to create the images, but it also happens with Superstar as well.  My matrix has 96 pixels per string and I have 10 strings. I have it setup as 32 pixel wide and 30 pixels down. Hope this is enough information for someone to answer the question. Thanks

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