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CMB24D 6 - 8 not working right


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Hi, last year we purchased CMD24D along with 8 floods.  They worked fine and were stored over the summer. When pulling them out for testing this weekend, flood 6 only turns red and 7 & 8 do not turn on at all. For troubleshooting, I unscrewed and reconnected all the cabling as well as the powerbank screws.  I then took working flood #5 and swapped it out for not working flood #8 by connecting them at the box to the other line.  #5 now did not worked (plugged into #8) and #8 now worked fine (plugged into #5).  This leads me to believe that there's something wrong with the board, but I need some assistance. 

I don't know whether there's something that can be done to troubleshoot this further or resolve the problem.  I've also sent a note to the helpdesk, but thought I'd check the larger group out there!

Thanks for your help and happy Thanksgiving.


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Need to confirm that the plugs for output 7 and 8 are ok.  Do you have extra connectors to replace one of the plugs and see if that's the issue? Do you have either the female or male connector, wired directly to the cmb24?  Or is there a solder connection involved?  If a bad connection on positive wire, nothing will light.  If just one color doesn't work then it could be either the R,G or B wire connection.  I had to repair some poor solder connection when the diplay elements came out of storage and where tested.

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