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Looking for 32 Channel Seqencies without Big Christmas Trees or Arches

James Carrieres

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I started my LOR project right before Halloween after seeing a neighbors set-up with about 128 channels....very impressive.  I have 1 and a half songs programed to date and obviously running out of time on this Thanksgiving weekend'; most of the lights are up.  I have looked around and most of the 32 channel sequences have the large Christmas tree with 12 channels or so which would take a lot modification.  I made a talking/singing snowman and he came out great, but takes a great deal of time to program (pic attached) - 5 channels.  If I have 3 or 4 songs with him signing, that would be fine and will have to do that programing separately. So, I'm looking for 32 channel Christmas songs without the Christmas tree and I'm sure I could modify them.  I kept the lights  in 4s for the most part which should help.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My email is: jamescarrieres@yahoo.com




20161113_134215_1479997050598_resized (1).jpg

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Hi MPageler,

I did learn that through trial and error with sequneces that were out there.....I have 9 songs now.....3 with the signing snowman :) Thanks for responding. 


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