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PE - Confirming that sequence creation must start in SE


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Hi all -


Getting started in PE. (My PixCon16 hasn't yet arrived so am working on a new, very basic sequence to get familiar with PE software prior to getting my hardware setup). The 'snowflakes' effect will be perfect for my prop so just getting that going in a sequence is where I'm headed...

As I've watched/read through video tutorials and docs it mentions as "you can't create a new sequence within PE, so go create one in SE first... then subsequently open it in PE....."

However, in the PE Pro menu you can go File | New | (then choose Musical Sequence or Animation Sequence)


So my question is --- should I just ignore that option in the PE Menu and do as told (create sequence in SE... then open in PE). Or are those steps I keep reading/seeing just legacy steps from a previous PE version? 


Thanks! Kevin




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Good question!

If you define ALL of your props in the Pixel Editor preview (items with Sequence Method=Pixel Editor AND items with Sequence Method=Sequence Editor), creating a sequence from the Pixel Editor might save some time because it will set up all of the channels in your LMS file for you. Otherwise, just create your sequences using the Sequence Editor, then add your pixel sequencing later.


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