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Pixcon16 connection


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I recently purchased the Pixcon16 to run some arches and trees using smart pixels.  I have followed the instructions in the manual and read some on this board but still cannot get my laptop to recognize the pixcon16.  I get a solid green light and blinking red.  Running windows 10 with version 4.2.12 of the LOR software.  Things I have tried:

turning off my wireless

running in DHCP

Running static using the default IP

running the diagnostic tool that pops up in the configuration program

using a validated cat5 cable

At this point I am frustrated and asking for help, I'm sure it is something easy but it alludes me right now.




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I think I may have figured it out, I have my laptops network adapter set to the exact same static IP address as my pixcon16 - - When I get home tonight I will change the laptop to and see if that works.

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