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adding a dmx contriller atarting at a certain channel


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I'm trying to insert a dmx smart controller starting at a certian channel with 96 channels in LOR. Problem is i need to start at channel 145. After I add device i have to go to each channel a program each one separately to the channel i need. Is their a earier way. Also tried inserting muliple RGB channels and also same problem have to prograsm them sll separately after they are populated.




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I will assume you adding 96 single function channels -- channel 145 thru 240 ?

Right click on an existing channel (for this explanation I created an animation sequence with 1 channel) 


Configure the device with a NAME, DEVICE (DMX Universe), Universe #

Click the Radio button for CHANNLES then click the drop down box. You asked for 96 channels starting at 145 --- Select 240 in the drop down box

To make it easy to pare it down.... 

Right click the 1st DMX channel and click on "CONVERT TO GROUP"

Select the 1st channel for the First is Group Box.

Select channel 144 as the Last in Group

Click Create Group

Right Click the Group you just created

Click on DELETE CHANNEL GROUP LIST (and confirm)

What yo are left with is 96 channels starting at Channel 145 and ending at channel 240

You can now Group them, or convert them to 32 RGB channels ... 

Hope this helps ...



I was typing this as I was doing it .. I HOPE I didn't miss a step or miscount ... 

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I was using the same approach for adding DMX channels but it is somewhat tedious, so I decided to create a utility that will (among other functions) insert the specific Universe and channel. I am looking of beta testers for feedback, anyone interested in helping please download a copy from the link below.



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Glad it worked for you. 

As I said if you want to convert those to RGB, its just one more click. 

Futuretechguy.... Appreciate the option. 

Looks like it takes a lot of real estate to load though. I usually jump on options to beta test new stuff, but for now.. I'll have to pass .. sorry... 




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Bob and all-

Thanks for this post.  I was wondering about the same issue.  My DMX controller has capability of 16 outputs and I could figure out how to use only four.


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