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DAisy chain controllers - but only playing the original 16 channels on both?


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Okay, what have I done?  In the sequencing software, I've definitely marked each set of sixteen channels as separate units (Unit 1 and Unit 2, respectively).  

I also activate the 2nd unit the proper way, making it Unit 2 in the initial setup.

Tonight I'm testing my spiral tree, which is on Unit 2, in channels 9-16.  I've got the two controllers hooked up and daisy chained.  

The spiral tree is connected to the second of the two units, and the plugged into plugs 9-16.

However, when the programming plays, it's clearly playing Unit 1, not unit 2.  I thought maybe I misunderstood the daisy chain, so I plugged the tree into plugs 9-16 of the OTHER controller, but it still plays the exact same programming that it played while plugged into the other controller.

Any idea what I've done?  I'll check again to make sure I set up that second controller as Unit 2, but I KNOW I did that step when I got the controller.

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I don't know how many times I overlooked something in the channel config or the unit IDs of the controllers. Verify each to make sure. It sounds like the second controller is reading the unit ID 1 sequence.

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Well, I went ahead and re-set the unit assignment on the second box, and this time it worked.  I could swear I definitely selected 'Unit 2' when I initialized it over the summer, but I guess not.

In any event, the spiral tree looks GREAT!

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