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new controller issue with old controllers HELP


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I ordered two new controllers this and for some reason, they will not connect to the network.  I used the cat5 cables that i ordered with the boxes, i reassigned the id numbers first, but i have no idea what to do next. my original circuits are 1,2,3,5.  the new boxes are 4,6.  I can connect original group, but when I try to connect the new ones, i get a flashing light in box 5.  I tried to connect one, 4, 6 and those stayed solid green.  when i connected 6 to 5 or 2, it started flashing.  i tried to connect 1, 4, 2.  I got a flashing green.  tried 1-6-4, solid until i connected 4 to any other.  please help me. also, controller 2,3,5 are running firmware version 1.06 and the new controllers are 1.09.  can this be an issue? Main controller (1) is LOR1602WG3 with board CTB32LV8-120 13178.  All of the other boxes are CTB16PCG3

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