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I have a custom Prop that I've created with 270 nodes made of ccb's  When I pasted my design from Excel to the Pixel editor in the custom prop definition it only gives me Unit 01 with end circuit 512 and a carry over of 402 but cant get add a second unit.  How do I add a second unit to the custom Prop?

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In the Pixel Editor, it is easiest to use CCB's in dual normal mode. See page 23-26 of this presentation:


Dual-normal mode means each string of 50 CCB's has its own unit id. So for 270 pixels, even though that is 3 controllers, it is 6 strings and would have 6 unit ids. 

In the custom matrix, use these pixel numbers 

  • string 1: 1-50
  • string 2: 1001-1050
  • string 3: 2001-2050
  • string 4: 3001-3050
  • string 5: 4001-4050
  • string 6: 5001-5020 (assuming 30 are unused)


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