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CCRs - Is Superstar Sequencer required?


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New to this apparent madness, and maybe I have gone through a door best left closed. Bought LOR products over the past few years but haven't used any yet. 4 controllers and 4 CCRs. Have advanced level of the software.

I wanted to use the 4 CCRs I bought for a project. configured them all as ID 01 - 04. Trying to program in the Sequence editor, which I thought could be done, but am having trouble. Status lights are blinking and no lights coming on the ribbons.

Is it necessary that Sequencer is used for the CCRs? If not any suggestions of where I should begin to troubleshoot - realizing I am totally new to this world.

Thanks inadvance

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First of all, no it is not required to have SuperStar in order to use CCRs. It does make sequencing easier, but is not required.

A couple of steps to resolve your controlling issue. First is to confirm if you can see the CCRs and control them from the Hardware Utility. That will confirm that your USB to RS-485 adapter is setup right, and your LOR network is functioning. Off hand I would suspect you already have done this step since you set the unit IDs.

Next, assuming you are using some version of S4 software, you MUST have the LOR Control Panel running which will in turn start the Comm Listener. If the Comm Listener is not running, you can't control anything when using S4 software. Also make sure that the Hardware Utility is NOT running when trying to play the lights from anything else.

The fact that you are getting blinking status lights tells me that no Comm Listener is the most likely culprit.

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