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PE Error ...


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OKAY ... what is wrong?  I was able to use this last year.  I installed the latest and greatest ... now I get this.

I do have a S4 Advanced license (to use E1.31). 



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SPaschall is correct in that the Pixel Editor requires a PRO license if you are going to use the sequence in a show. However, it will run in demo mode at lower license levels. Your error indicates that the Pixel Editor did not get installed correctly.

I recommend uninstalling LOR, then restart your computer, then install LOR, then run the Sequence Editor to make sure it runs ok first. Then try the Pixel Editor.


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Yup - thanks. 

I knew I used it on this machine before ... this is why I was puzzled as to this interesting turn of events.

Matt, so the installer failed to see the older installation and delete it before the reinstall.  I am fuzzy on this - exactly when - I did uninstall LOR S4 many moons ago.

The new install found the old settings (and got pissy b/c that particular server was offline) so if this info helps out down the road, it is all good then.

I will try the "hammer and nail" approach. 



P.S. Who or where do I go to settle a problem with LOR COMM Listener?

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