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long time user of lor and first year using PE,,, built a small node matrix 16x12 nodes, and its stashed in a cubby above my garage and roof line... "tune to sign",,,,is there anyway to get the two of these programs to sequence the matrix together, or am i stuck using the extremely limited effects of only PE to program this matrix???.... my show has many side to side and up and down chases all performed in SE, and trying to match the chases created in SE with PE seems unobtainable!,,,,, or am i stuck running tune to blah blah for the entire duration of the song with a random fire effect and snowflake,,,? Sorry just a little sarcasm,,,,,I love lor,, and just seems to handicap us with the inability to be in complete control over our show?,,, or am i missing a link somewhere?,,,, 16 ccrs,, 2 blinky boxes, and 36 universes of E1.31,,,, please any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated,, and please dont take this as im "bashing" lor,,, it just seems like we pay a LOT of money to be handicapped?????

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