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Attaching Extension cord dongles to CTB16PC


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Quick question from a relative newbie:

If I opt to use extension cords to make my own female pigtails/dongles, what is the best was to attach to the board?

Would these attach to the same tabs that are there for the quick connections with the premade dongles? (solder?) Or is it best for me to pickup my own quick connections and add them?


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Yes, use the existing terminals. That's what they're there for.

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Home Depot will sell the spade-lugs you need.  You don't *need* the fully covered ones like in the picture, but they really aren't substantially more expensive, and that's what the originals have.  If you're using a heavier cord, be sure to get the appropriately sized crimps to match the gauge of wire you have.

Get yourself a good crimp tool to apply them.  I suggest Klein Tools, rather than a cheap one.  You'll thank me later when your crimps don't fall off.

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