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How to get Acrh's and gutter timing correct


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Hi I have four pixel arches and two gutters with pixels on them.  The gutters have two 5 meter pixel strands in series. 

What I am struggling with is how to use the PE to create a chasing effect.  For example in the image below you can see the four arches.

I want to have the lights bounce from one arch to the next in time with the music across all four arches.  Right now I have tried to use the spiral effect and I cannot seem to get that in sync with the music.

It just has repeats the same affect over and over for the time duration.  It is very cumbersome to manually try and adjust the the timing of the spiral effect.

Is there away to tell PE that I want a chasing effect to go across all 4 arches in a 3 second timeframe?  Is PE the best way to do this?  This year I am sequencing all my RGB and Pixels in PE does that make sense?

The same applies to my gutters.



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I was just watching this video last night which had a few suggestions specifically to do this.

Maybe about 20 - 25 min into the video. I haven't watched all of it yet though.

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Create a group with all of your arches and set them in a horizontal stack, then use the spiral effect, To get the "ghost tail" use the show 3D option based on what direction you are going. You can also use the curtain effect and use the Fit to Duration option.


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