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I am in the process of testing this years show and started testing my 10 channel singing face. The show begins to play correctly and then randomly thoughout the show short term erratic output and then after a few seconds it is back to normal. This happens in multiple shows. The show displays correctly in Visualizer, SE and PE so I know I do not have a sequencing issue. I am playing through a G3 director and have one controller (running singing face) connected to the G3 and another controller connected to the first controller. I do not have the second controller powered up as I have nothing hooked up to it at the moment.

Question is will this un-powered controller cause the erratic issue I am seeing since I have it connected to the other controller?

I will test later tonight by removing the communication cable from the second controller.

Just wondering if other folks have seen this to be an issue when debugging thier shows.




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I had something similar happen to my singing pumpkin face a few years ago. I never was able to track down the problem, but I believe it was a communication issue going to the controller. I would certify the cat 5 cable you have going to the controller that runs the face channels.

I don't think there should be an issue with powered off controllers in the string. I often run shows with a powered down controller somewhere along the line and don't have issues.


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