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Ccr matrix color


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Ok downloaded a sequence played it the color was wrong on some things. Also some letters are distorted. I changed colors order in alphapix but still not right. 12 ribbons put 1st input bottom left went up. Letters are right etc except some are distorted at times one network cat 5 is about 40ft 



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Let's start with what you really have.  If you are driving it with an Alphapix,it's not Cosmic Color Ribbons.  I would assume that you are driving it via E1.31 to the Alphapix.  Please confirm what you have.

As far as the colors wrong, you are right that the color order is wrong in the Alphapix for the strips that you have.  I would assume that the Alphapix has test modes that will be put out a solid color on all pixels.  Use those test modes to verify the colors are right.  Adjust the settings until all three colors are right.  As far as letters,remember that we are dealing with very low resolution.  There are simply limits to what is possible.


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