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PE Crashes on one system but not another


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I have 2 machines both running windows 10 latest version and LOR Software 4.3.14.


Everything works fine on both machines except when I try to start PE. On my new fastest development machine it is ok. On the older machine I use to run shows I get the error. LOR Pixel Editor has stopped working with the PE


"Welcome to PE screen displaying in the background."

Do you have any ideas what might be wrong?




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My first guess would be video drivers and/or open GL version.

Try updating with the latest video card manufacturers drivers. 

If it's an older card or onboard chip, it may be time to throw an inexpensive upgrade in.

Might be worth uninstalling LOR and reinstalling, first just in case the install got corrupted. 


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Thanks for the quick response. The machine in question is about 5 years old so I expect the video card is not up to the job.

No big deal as the shows play just fine.

Ill try your suggestions and let you know if I find any thing out.


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