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Best Image Editor for Transparent Background


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I am trying to incorporate some pictures into my tree and most everything I find on the internet has a white background. I have used some online editors to remove the background and make it transparent, but the edges always end up choppy and it doesn't look right on the tree in PE.

Is there a recommended editor people are using or even better yet, somewhere that has higher resolution clipart with transparent backgrounds?


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You can buy a version of CorelDRAW Suite for Home and Students for about $100. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Corel-CorelDRAW-Home-Student-Suite-X8-/122097954384?hash=item1c6d9aee50:g:g6kAAOSwAuZX63tm

You can buy version 7 even cheaper.

Corel PhotoPaint (included) let's you spec how aggressive it is at removing the white. It also lets you get into pixel level and manually clean up the edges.

A cheaper method may be to apply a slight blur to the image after removing the white. That will unjag the edges without altering the image too much.

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