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CMB24D - Port problems???


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Finally busted out the CMB24d's, I got on mad grab two yrs ago, planning to outline the eve's on my house.

I have one Strip that powers on very low when everything is off in the HW Util. I swapped strips and it's staying with the port, So it's not my RGBs, I think.. :-)  Any thoughts, Maybe I need a firmware update currently both cmb24d are on V1.02

It's port # 2 - 4,5,6 on my cmb24d



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The mosfet will usually only go bad if they are shorted. Make sure you are never wiring or moving wires while the board is hot. Also check the stranded wires, all it takes is one strand of that stranded wire to touch the wrong port and it will blow.

Don't ask me how I know this  :D

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24 minutes ago, flomas said:

Spot on Mr. P, Help Desk is sending me the Mosfet , Thanks again!

Soldering it is very easy, there are videos on Youtube showing how to do it.

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9 minutes ago, flomas said:

Success!! wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be,  




Get yourself some spares to keep on hand so you don't run into any down time in the future. You can get some from LOR or from here:


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