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Fully built 3 min Sequence plays for 25 secs then switches to next sequence.


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I have a 16 channel controller with show time central sd player and fm transmitter.  I am a total newbie at this and am sequencing rudimentary on and offs to the music...

Yesterday I finished 2 sequences burned a new sd card with all 17 songs and fillers, when started the program when it got to the first new song it played the first 26 seconds then stopped and went to the next song.  when it got to the second new song it did the same thing.  All of the other Older songs (sequenced prior to yesterday) play and light fine.  Is it possible that I turned something on or toggled a setting causing them to only play the first 26 secs.

I then burned a second sd card with just one of the new songs.  when I played it, it stopped at 26 secs again then began playing again and this time it played the whole song.  when it finished it played the 26 sec song and then looped back into the whole song.

Not sure what I did or what setting I may have toggled.  Is there a preview or something I might have done.  When playing the sequence in editor it runs start to finish fine.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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