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Gina Burns

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I am planning on buying 2 more controllers this year and I am trying to figure out if I need to add breakers to my panel for this project.....my question is this...I know that the CTB-16D has the potential of holding 30 to 40 amps but how much amps does the board itself put out....I hope that I am making sense and sorry if this is an elementary question.

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The controller itself draws very little current (and thus little power). To find out if you need more breakers and outlets you have to add the current for all the lights plugged into the controller. If this comes close to the capacity of your supply circuits, you may still be able to run them if you keep the higher-power lights from coming on all at the same time.

There have been discussions about the advantages of LEDs, and one advantage is the ability to add more lights (and controllers) without adding more breakers and supply circuits.

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