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PixCon to DMX Bridge Issues


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Hello All,

This year I am using 7 PixCon controllers for my RGBs and I am using 2 LOR AC and 5 LOR DC controllers (in DMX mode). I have successfully managed to get the PixCon controllers working and controlling the RGBs, however I have stumbled at a bit of an issue. 

The PixCon controllers are supposed to be able to create a E1.31 to DMX bridge, which I have each set up for to connect the remaining controllers to. However the controllers that are hooked up seem choppy and will only work when I open the "Test" window in xLights, I've tred to run a sequence and the RGB's will play but the non-RGB controllers will not.

I've tried testing the controllers in xLights through E1.31 as well as LOR SE, and I get the same results either way. So I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Has anyone tried this set up successfully or should I try running my LOR controllers with a seperate DMX dongle instead of trying to use the PixCon as a bridge?


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