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movie effect problem


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I haven't been able to get the movie effect working.

I took a small clip (10 seconds) and converted to uncompressed AVI.

I have attached the error I get.

"Video stream with 253440 (more than 1) frames / chunk not supported"



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Have you tried saving your clip (avi) as a gif? My experiences are that uncompressed avi's create a large file size.

I just created a 6 second clip and saved in both avi and gif. The avi file came out to 128mb and the gif came out to 421kb.

Here are both files for you to try. See if you see a difference with colors etc... They both work in my version of Pixel Editor, I just verified.

Right click and save as;



If it helps here is the settings I use when saving a uncompressed avi. It could be a codec issue with your vegas movie studio. Try saving as a gif and see if that works for you.


Hope this helps.


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Forgot to mention. You may already know, but you would add the avi as a movie, and the gif as a picture. Then adjust the effect as normal.


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Thank you @default.

I was able to import your examples.
I think the Vegas Movie Studio (even when I select uncompressed), does not convert the video into the RAW AVI that the pixel editor is expecting.
What program are you using?
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Somewhere in these posts Matt turned me on to VirtualDub.org  I'm using version 1.10.4.  I haven't had any issues with it.  The movies play fine through PE.

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See this thread:


There is a specific release of VirtualDub called AIO (all-in-one) that has a bunch of video codecs already built-in, so it is easier to install and configure, and can handle more file formats.


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