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creating chase color change for and entire prop


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Hi I am new to pixel editor and just trying to convert old sequences to PE and add a new pixel tree.

I am having a hard time creating fast color changes for a prop, especially since the color no longer appears in the PE timeline.

What I would like to do is have an entire pixel tree cycle through white, blue, red , green holding each color for 2 timing marks. The timing mark are .1 sec.

So white for .2 sec blue .2 red .2 green .2. repeating for X number of times.

I understand I how can program it, but it is very tedious and hard to get right as the colors are not there.

Is there an easy way to do this with an effect perhaps.





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.2 is extremely fast, since the colorwash doesn't have options such as the curtain, I would create a fixed grid and put the effects in it or, tap the section out and apply the colorwash effects that way.


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