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CCP or CCB visualizer question


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I am sure I'm missing something simple and hoping someone can help fill in the blanks.     I was able to create a very simple set of morphs in SuperStar, imported into Sequencer, exported, saved and using show on demand it actually works on the CCB.   However, I have yet to figure out how to make it show up in the visualizer correctly.  I had several partials (like just string 1) but never both strings.    I figure I must have some things right as the CCB both strings actually light up as expected.   I'm using 0A as the unit for the first string.   I have the hardware set for Dual Normal (CCB with two unit ids),  I've tried both 1 & 2 for 'num of end-to-end CCBs...'     I've attached the 'sup' file that seems to work, as the LMS file exceeds the 600K limit.   I can email the lms file if that helps.

Does anyone have any knowledge to pass on? 

Thank you!


Adams family 2 CCR v2.sup

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Figured it out based on a post by Ron Boyd

Having followed the tutorial for Superstar and created a very simple 2 line morph (3 tutorials to watch to eventually get it into Sequence Editor, then testing it first really helped. Then following Ron's directions on the 'add device' process worked perfect.  

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