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how do you hang your CCP's


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Probably a thousand different answers to that. For me, I bought the boscoyo strips, also available at holiday coro. Pixels snap right in, I can do 50 in about 5 minutes! For my windows and posts, I built pvc frames using 1" pvc and zip tied the strips to it.  I attached the pvc frame using those 1"x1" zip tie pads that stick to the glass and allow you to run a zip tie through it to anchor something light weight.  For added support in case the temps causes the pads to lose tackiness, I put pvc legs all the way to the ground just to help hold it up and take weight off the zip tie pad (not sure what the actual name is for that).  For my roofline, I did the exact same thing.  Used the strips, zip tied to pvc, used zip tie pad on my roof and laid the CCP's in a nice straight line before zip tying.

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