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lost my Effects associated with my Prop Views


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Since I can't do all I want with one tool, I'm going back and forth between Sequence Editor and Pixel Editor.

I ran into an issue where I see the list of Prop Views I made, but none of the effects I created are associated with them.

Could I have lost this by switching back and forth between Sequence Editor and Pixel Editor?

Where is this information stored? What file?  Why am I able to see the list of created prop views, but not the associated effects I created??


I'm getting to a point where I'd like the Sequence Editor and Pixel Editor to be one seamless application.





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Yes. I saved the sequence and created an intensity file, closed pixel editor, did some updates in sequence editor.  Saved the sequence file.  Then went back to pixel editor.

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you should just save till its complete once you create  the intensity file I believe the pixel editor considers the sequence is done.

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Think of a Pixel Editor prop view like a track in the Sequence Editor. A prop view is a collection of props that will be viewed together in the grid - so you can focus in on one area. For example: roofline, minitrees, arches, stars, etc.


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