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Does such a thing exist?  I am new to PE programming, and I am having a hard time achieving effects envisioned in my head.  I know that a lot of neat effects are the result of two layered effects, but it would be neat to have a library (or wiki) that would display crowd sourced combinations with a simple explanation of how to achieve said effect.   Would anyone be interested in having or compiling one, if said thing doesn't already exist?

That being said, how does one accomplish a simple "wipe" command - from black to white/color?



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Hello,  Can you describe what you mean by a wipe effect?  Are you talking about the entire prop starting at one color and fading to another or something different such as fading from one end of the string to the other?  I don't know of such a library, but I can perhaps help you with this if I understand more specifically what your asking to do.  




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I think it's essentially a chase, where all the elements stay on after turning on.  The bottom begins to turn on, and the fade eventually moves to the top until everything is at 100% intensity. I've attached an image to describe what I'm thinking.  


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So, probably not tonight, but I need to play around and see what the best approach is. I want to say the answer is a wall wash with the proper setup of the pixel strings. The reason I say that is, because I found that it makes a difference for certain effects how they are specified. For example a fore effect going up the house is dependent on how each string is specified and orientated. You might need to share a PE file with your props so we can review.

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A lot of this will be determined on how your props are set up and placed in your preview.  But to do a fade on from one prop to the next, say the front of the house from left to right, set up the props and group them together and put the effect in the group line. 

Use the Curtain Effect

Edge- Right

Movement- Close

Speed- you decide

If you want to start with one color and have it fade to another

In the Color Mode check the "Start/End Colors"

For one color change just use the first box (Red) and determine which 2 colors to use.

If you're wanting to fade to/from specific props, just use the Colorwash and fade up on each prop. Again if you want to change colors, use the Color Mode section again.  If you're looking to fade/chase each pixel on the strand use the Curtain Effect the same way.

Hopefully this helps answer your question.

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