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      I am working on a new element for next years christmas, i will have a fence that will have a matrix on smart pixels. The installation will consist of three panels each 48" tall by 80" wide, so in total it will be 4' by 20'. My question is whether to put it in as one prop or three separate props.

if i make it three separate props, then i would have the option of each panel displaying a different effect at the same time.

   i.e. a picture in the center panel and pinwheels on each side.

would i then be able to in the next part of the song put a butterfly effect across all three panels? by that i mean the effect actually running across all three without seeing the seems as opposed to each pannel running a butterfly effect individually and you seeing three copies of the effect running. 


Any thoughts on the pros/cons of each option.  

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Hi I have 2 small matrix  props   each one separate  so I can sequence each one separate   in the pixel editor    but if you combine all three of yours also as a matrix group then you can sequence it as one   the butterfly effect will travel from one matrix to the next some effects look good some don't  you just have to try all the effects

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So with that you can have it as 3 separate props and have a 4th prop that has everything as one all in the same preview. then you can just use one prop or the other?

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I have three matrix panels over windows. I did each one as a separate prop then grouped them together. I have found that even if you generate an effect as a group. Sometimes depending on what it is will still look better done in each prop. For example, If you are using meteors, I found it to look better done separately verses as a group. As long as you don't change any settings in the effect from one prop to another. When using it grouped, they tend to stretch and cant get right falling pattern through them all.

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