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PixCon 16 DMX questions

Mike H

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I'm in the process of converting my system over to DMX.  I've got a PixCon16 that I was going to use as a DMX bridge.  I have all the RJ45 jack jumpers on it set to LOR positions.  I'm connecting my network cable to it and have it setup and it's status light goes steady.  The first unit I have connected into the DMX ports on it is a CTB16PC V1 with version 4.32 firmware.  I cannot get this first device status light to go steady.  I'm using a regular cable and not a cross over cable.  So what am I missing?

Also, some other questions after I get the above worked out:

  • I'll have some CCR units mixed in among my AC controllers.  Is there any special ID numbering I have to do for them so that some AC units after them are still getting the correct DMX channels?  I know I have to adjust them so they stay within the same universe and not cross over.
  • In using the PixCon16, would there be any change needed in the unit ID's of the AC/CCR units connected to it's DMX ports?  Would each DMX port have the units on that port start at 1?

I'll probably have more questions later but I at least hope to find out why my units status light isn't steady.

Thanks for any help possible.

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I managed to solve the CTB16PC issue.  Found that I had to turn the ports on in the Network Configurator (didn't see the port selections the first time I was in it).

Now I could really just use some explanation as to how to setup up the universes in it for the board itself and the ports.

  • Do I set up the ports something the first one to be Universe 17 figuring that each of the pixel ports would be universes 1-16?
  • And do I set the AC/CCR units all starting with 01 as the first one on each of the DMX ports?

I would appreciate any help possible for these last few questions.

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When using the light o Rama controllers in the DMX mode you should read the manual for each controller the ID of each controller is the start address    Controller I'd #1.  Would be start channel 1.   Controller id#2   Would be start channel.  17.  And so on the ccr's are a little different.  Because each one has 150 channels plus the macro channels read the lor manuals for using controllers in DMX 

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Thanks I just wanted to make sure on that.  I just figured out that I could move the PixCon 16 pixel ports to run between universes 5-20 so that would give me the first 4 DMX ports as my initial universes 1-4.  I will probably change that later but that seems to work for me.  I'm only have one slight problem now in that my CTB16PC that I have connected to the PixCon 16 is having the lights blink on it randomly.  When I'm playing the sequence the lights when expected turn on/off but when they are off, they still go through random blinking even while the sequence is running.  I may open a separate posting on this and possibly a trouble ticket if I don't find out whats going on.

Thanks again.

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