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Total Universes to set

Marty Belisle

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In the Network Configuration, DMX Universe tab when I click on my Adaptor/IP address where I have a E1.31 protocol established a window opens up that I can put comments in.  In this window there is a drop down box called "Total Universes to set" that I can select 1 to 32.  What is this for?  Is this to assign the physical location of the Universe output on the controller?  For example I have a Pixlite controller with 16 outputs numbered 1 to 16.  I have a 16 universes assigned starting at Universe 24 ending at 40.  Should this box be selected 1 for Universe 24, 2 for Universe 25, 3 for Universe 26....and so on?

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It allows you to set a bunch of universes without having to type each on in.  For example, if I had a pixel tree that uses 8 universes, I could set universe 11 to use an IP of, and pull the dropdown for 8 universes and then I would not have to type "Pixel tree" in the comments, and set a specified IP of a bunch of times.


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