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Pixcon 16 Triplet Order


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Ok, I have an interesting issue.  When I test the lights, I notice that the order is GBR not RGB (although when I first tested them they were) and now when I go into the network configuration and try to change the triplet order, I change it to GBR and hit apply and then the board refreshes and it stays at RGB.  I power down the board and then power it up again and try it again and its still at RGB.  I can't seem to get the change to stay.


I'm using pixel nodes and when using the pixel editor, when I do the generate effects, red is green, green is blue, and blue is red.


Anyone else having this issue?  Know how to fix?


Let me add that when I do the Hardware Test Pattern on the board, the lights blink in the correct order, red, then green, then blue, and finally white.  weird...


If I add the device in a sequence and put down the colors, they are in the correct order.  Now I wonder if it's a pixel editor problem as that's where I see the issue.

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Ok, I feel like a total idiot now.  My PROP was set for BRG since I also have pixel strips that I was testing when I created my prop.

Once I modified the prop and changed it to RGB, everything is working fine.


I'm such a noob.  Sorry guys!


I'll leave this topic out there in case someone else makes the same mistakes.  I still don't understand why the triplet order doesn't show what you set it at inside the network configuration piece.  Maybe we can figure that out.

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ALWAYS create your sequences based on RGB order.  If the pixels are not in that order, adjust in the settings for the E1.31 controller.  That way your sequences don't all need to be modified if you change pixels down the road or try to give the sequence to someone else.


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