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RGB Floods setup??


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Hey everyone,

I can not for the life of me seem to figure out how to set up the LOR RGB Floods for my display. I'll be running 8 RGB Floods using a LOR CMB24D Controller. However, I can not for the life of me figure out how to set them up in the visualizer and the SE. 

When setting them up in the SE I am prompted with "Device Type?" and I can pick from:

- LOR Controller





- x10

- Sequence

But I don't know which one to pick to make them actually work in the visualizer. I picked the right combination (some how) to at least get them to light up in the visualizer, but they won't fade, twinkle, or shimmer. They are either full on, or full off. HELP PLEASE!!


~ Matt 


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You indicate you are using 4.3.4, so I brought up SE on my show computer which is also 4.3.4.

Insert Device.

On dropdown for Device, select CMB24D

Under CMD24D Settings, set UnitID and Network, and since this is all RGB channels, check the box for 8 RGB Channels.  You can make it create the device as a group or not, and name it whatever works for you.

That's about it.


If you already built the channels and are trying to set the channel assignments (which based on the options you listed above, is what I think you are looking at), it would be LOR Controller.  Then the network, UnitID, and Channel.  Howver that way you have to enter it for every channel.  Much easier to insert the device and get the entire 24 channel controller in one shot.



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Thanks for the response!

I did as you said, and I did "Insert Device" Which I had never done before, so I didn't even know it was an option! I then changed the settings of each of the flood lights in the visualizer to match the settings in the SE, and they are working great now! All the regular "Twinkle, shimmer, and fade" functions are now working! 

Thanks again! :)

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