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Current Location in PE for Sequence Playback Options

Ed K

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What determines, or how do you set, the "current location" that is needed to use a two of the sequence playback options in PE?  

The on-line documentation uses the term "current location" to briefly explain PE's Sequence Playback options.  E.g., One of PE's Sequence Playback options is:  "Play from the beginning of the sequence to the current location".  How do I set the "current location"?  

Using the "Select" arrow, I right-clicked in one of the sequencing grid boxes, and selected column.  I clicked on Play from beginning to here, but sequence played from beginning to end. 

The playback option "Play the visible portion of the sequence" works as I'd expect.


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Play from beginning to current/here should play from the start of your sequence to the end of the visible range at the time you clicked the play button.


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