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One strand in mini tree not working in Pixel Editor

Ed K

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I have a 10-strand, 180 degree mini tree, 20 pixels each strand, 200 pixels total. Two universes:  Universe 1 is pixels 1 - 170, on strands 1 through 9a.  Universe 2 is pixels 171 - 200 on strands 9a and 10.  The mini tree is connected to one SPI port on a DMX controller.

The lights on all 10 strands respond correctly to:  (1) the controller's internal tests, (2) a simple sequence I created in Sequence Editor, and (2) a simple sequence I created in SuperStar, exported to SE, opened in SE, and played in SE.  Both these sequences, when played, also show all 10 strands simulated correctly in Visualizer.

The same tree, still connected to the same controller, does not respond correctly to a simple sequence I created in Pixel Editor.   My steps:

  1. Imported the Visualizer file that contains this mini tree into PE
  2. Created a simple test sequence in PE that turns on all 200 pixels to red
  3. Saved the PE file and saved the PE intensity data
  4. Opened the Sequence Editor and opened the PE-created file
  5. Confirmed that the PE mini tree prop is included in SE file that shows the intensity data
  6. Clicked on the SE Play button.

When played, nine of the strands respond correctly to the PE sequence, but the third strand does not turn on (pixels # 61 - 80 on Universe 1).  In the PE visualizer, nine strands are red, while the third strand remains dark.

Any suggestions on why this happens? 

I did view one LOR PE video that seems to indicate that trees imported from Visualizer may not work correctly, and that I should draw my tree inside PE.  That's fine, and maybe this test just confirms that this is the route I need to take.  However, I just need to confirm this is required, given that 90% of the mini tree imported directly from Visualizer is working with a simple PE sequence.


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I just determined that I caused the problem.  My Visualizer file had a fixture from another prop with the same universe/pixel number as my mini tree, which I had corrected but forgot to import again into PE.



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