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CCP - Issues with CCP100D and PE


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Hi everyone - 1st year doing a show and I have everything figured out except the pixels.  I have 2 CCP100D units, with PE Pro v4.2.12.  I was able to get everything configured per the manual and tested fine in the LOR Hardware utility, but when I try to use the snowflake (or any other for that matter) effect in the pixel editor, the colors on strand 2, on both units, are wrong.  I guess the good thing is that it's consistently wrong so I'm thinking is a configuration error, but cant figure out what I need to change.

In Hardware Util, if I test the unit Red = Red on both stands, Blue = Blue, etc

In PE though, if I select an effect and specify a color strand 1 matches up, but strand 2 fires with a different color (on both units)

  • Selected Color: Strand1, Strand 2
  • Red: Red, Blue
  • Green: Green, Red
  • Blue: Blue, Green
  • Yellow: Yellow, Red & Blue
  • White: Blue & Yellow

Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

Thank you

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Well... after several weeks of messing with it I may have just figured it out - or at least got it working (an hour after I asked - go figure).  I split the channels so each strand has it's own ID.  In my original config CCP #1 was ID: 8 and CCP #2 was ID: 9.  Using Hardware Config I set the Unit ID Mode to "Dual Normal" on both units and changed the ID on CCP from 9 to 0A.  In PE I updated my props for each CCP, set the # of RGB nodes to 100 and selected Individual Start Channels and Separate Unit # for each RGB string.  Set max circuits to 150 and the Unit # to the 1st unit assigned to the CCP (8 for CCP1, 0A for CCP2).

Not sure if this is the correct way to do it but it appears to work.  Colors are now synchronized between the strings. 

Any feedback welcome if there is a better way to accomplish it!

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