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Feel like I am missing something simple


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Hi all,

Please can someone help me, as after hours (ok maybe days) of trying to figure this out, I know I must have missed something really basic somewhere along the line!

i have watched many a video and followed the tutorial, but I cannot for the life of me work out how to create the outline pixel strips on my house and get them working with the sequencer.

i have dabbled without much success in both pixel editor and superstar sequencer.

i have drawn the lights as both strings and CCRs in the visualiser, but whatever I do, I can only at best get the first pixel to flash when I preview and play a song in sequencer.

the pixel strips I will be using are 30/10 and he first strip across front fascia will be 7.1m with 71 pixels (213 DMX Channels)

I am running latest version of sequencer pro edition

please can someone help me get started, as I am literally losing my marbles :(



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my entire house is outlined in pixels and I use SS 99% of the time. 

if you pm me your number we can draw your fascia together. You should be able to take it from there  



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UK??? Damn mobile version hid that from me! LOL

still totally willing to help, John. We can use one of those options we discussed

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When doing an outline of your home, use the horizontal matrix and make it one string, 


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