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Imported visualization has fixtures instead of props


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I created a visualization using the matrix tool. I created 4 matrixes that were made up of  ten fixtures each. The result in Visualizer is a list of 40 fixtures (corresponding to strings in the matrixes) and 4 props  representing each matrix, A, B, C, D. All good, so simple, wonderful wizard. When I import this visualization into PE, I get the list of fixtures rather than the props. I don't want to work around by grouping the fixtures in PE. I want to pick up the prop from visualizer as a prop in PE so that I can group props. Grouping the Props allows me to apply effects to various combinations of Props (Matrixes) ABCD, AB, CD, AC,BD.  I'm trying the Beta 4.3.4. I went back to 4.2.12 and still had the same problem, so I'm not reporting this as a bug. PE gains awesomeness.



Matrix 2016.lee

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This is by design. There is not enough information in the Visualizer file for PE to know that it is importing a matrix. The Visualizer prop does become a group in PE. Try applying effects to the PE group. If that doesn't give you the visual effect that you want, then I suggest deleting what got imported from the Visualizer file and create a "native" PE matrix.


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Thanks for ending my pointless pursuit. As you said, each matrix (A B C D) appears as a group in PE .I accomplished my goal by creating new groups(AB, CD, ABCD) that include fixtures from multiple matrixes. Applying effects (text is the real test) to those groups seems to work fine.  

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