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I don't know if it is DMX or LOR (Might be DMX from an LOR dongle, might be LOR), but I am trying to get my CTB16PCG2 and CMB24D (On different dongles) working with FPP.

It has an option for LOR. I have tried it but the lights on the controllers keeps flashing. I have also tried open DMX. It sees the dongle but the lights still keep flashing.


I posted it on the Falcon Pi player Forums, but no reply yet.

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I would assume the FFP is trying to send DMX, but I've never looked in detail at the FFP, since I can't run my show under DMX. The first troubleshooting I would do is try to control the hardware under DMX from LOR. That way you can confirm that the dongle, and controllers are playing nice together.

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