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Now that I'm beginning to program in PE, I see an opportunity to push this in a powerful direction. Here's MY feature requests.

Complete compatibility: I need to move seamlessly between SE, SS, and PE at will. Right now I see no way to EASILY move props, visualizations, and effects among the three. And in some directions, it appears completely impossible. It involves a lot of export/import shenanigans that make it very cumbersome. (Intensity file?! I shouldn't even know there is such a thing.) 

I used to program user interfaces for MIDI musical instruments. When the engineers came up with a method that involved..."Simply save the file, run it through the converter, the open it in this subroutine...blah, blah", I would make the computer decide from your mouse clicks what you were trying to do, and handle all that engineering invisibly to the musician.

Custom effects: The easiest way to accomplish this is to open up the software and let the users create effects from scratch that can be shared. 

As it stands, programming pixels is still not for the faint of heart.

Here's an idea: I'm in the PE window and I click on one of my SE elements (say shrub two with a string of LED lights), the software pops me instantly into the SE window where I make my edits. Then in SE I click on an RGB element and *POP*, I'm instantly in PE. I select the effects block and choose CUSTOM. Now I'm in SS, where I create a new effect and save it.  I can play back and watch it in the independent Visualizer window from wherever I am. I create a new prop in the visualizer window and it appears in all the other windows automatically. It CAN be done. The tools are all there. The interface just needs to be written.

Not a rant, Just sayin' :)

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