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Marty Belisle

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Upgraded to Pro and preparing my Networks to use the Pixel editor to edit pixels in my old sequences and for future pixel editing.  All my old sequences run on 3 simple Networks: Regular - non pixel using older CMB controllers, Network A-CCRs, CCBs, 10w floods, Net B- Ethernet E1.31 Ribbon tree.  I understand with the upgrade to S4 that I will need to set my Network A and B to enhanced mode to recognize my RGB devices and that I may have to update the firmware on some of my CCR controllers as they are a few years old.  I believe I have two options to config my networks:  open an old sequence in the sequence editor and change Network A and B to enhanced in the Network Preferences, save changes and export the configuration for future use OR modify my existing sequences with the pixel editor and make the configuration changes at the time I build my props in the preview?  Just want to confirm I am on the right track to making the Network changes to run with the upgrade to Pro, thanks.

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LOR Network Preferences/Configuration is a separate program and it is best to run it without any other LOR programs open (close/unload the LOR Control Panel too). When you open LOR Network Preferences, make sure you are in "advanced" mode - click the Advanced button on the right if displayed. You Regular network and E1.31 network should not require any changes. On the LOR tab, click the Aux A line and in the pop-up window, put a checkmark in the Enhanced box. Click the Apply button then close Network Preferences.


Use the LOR Hardware Utility to upgrade the CCR controllers to the latest firmware version.


That should get you started. Good luck!



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