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Configuring Cosmic Color Bulbs on Eaves


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Here is my issue. I want to set up lights in PE using CCBs for my eaves. The top section is okay since it runs continuously. The bottom section starts on the left and will use up to 25 feet if I include the far left section running toward the back of the home. That's one strand. My next section begins with the garage 18 feet over and is separated by a room that pushes forward thus producing a gap between the two sections. If the controller supports two stands and I can only use one on the left side what do I do? I don't believe there is an extension cable designed to work with the CCBs. I have attached a photo of my home so you see what I am working with. If I went with CCRs no problem but I reluctant to put them on the eaves and I get more linear feet with CCBs. Thoughts?


Also, which is the best light prop style to use when drawing the strands in PE. Line-Unattached, Line-Attached or Bulbs?




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If you are using the 100 ct strand of CCB then you can run them in dual normal mode and run one string one way and one the opposite way. Not sure if that helps your issue.By doing that you will have to set it up with two addresses and make sure that the CCB controller is set up as enhanced in the NP. Use horizontal matrix and set it for one string when creating your model.



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