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Pixon16 attempting to run in SE


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I have configured my Pixcon16 via ethernet for (16) channels of 170 pixels running on LOR enhanced network.
I am running LOR version 4.2.12 PRO.
I configured device as Pixcon16 in SE at 16 channels, 170 pixels each, AuxA on LOR 500K enhanced network.
Control panel is running with message "connected to com listener".
Network configuration is set for AuxA = com3 = 500K = enhanced network.
Using LOR USB connector from PC to Pixcon16 port J3.
Run SE, program a Pixcon16 device channel to turn on "white" and get no lights.

Please advise.

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Kind of confused, you say you have it configured at 16 channels with 170 pixels each. So if you have 170 pixels each then you should have 8160 channels programmed into SE for the Pixcon.

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It is on LOR enhanced network.

There are (16) 170 count strings of smart pixels on Pixcon16.

and I have 8,160 channels programmed into SE for the Pixcon16.

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Dumb question.... once at the PRO level, does SE allow you to program a sequence for the PixCon16 and you can play that sequence from SE and control the lights - on the LOR network using the Hi-Speed 485 dongle?  - without having to import an Intensity file from either SuperStar or the Pixel Editor?


Thanks in advance,



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The PixCon16 REQUIRES that your network run at either 500K or 1000K with ELOR turned ON (if you are using it in LOR mode).


Some LOR devices can also run at 500K.


No other device can run at 1000K - Only the PixCon16




That's fine.  


When I bought the PixCon16, I bought the HS version of the 485 dongle.  I currently have it configured on the AuxA network, 500K Enhanced.  The PixCon seems to recognize it since it stops flashing its Red LED  when I load up SE.  But since I have not upgraded to PRO, I cannot make any pixels turn on.


I have been running the CCBs and CCPs off of the AuxA connector of the G3MP3 configured as 500K.  I guess I will need to upgrade the firmware of the CCB and CCP for operation on the enhanced network.

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