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Set up for Multiple Pixel Arches


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I really like the Pixel editor from what I have seen and played with. I want to get an early start this year on using it and adding some arches along with several other pixel elements I already have in the display.


I am going to have 5 new arches across the driveway. 100 pixels on each arch.


What I am looking for is what would be the best way to set this up in the pixel editor. I would like them to act like a grid even though I know it is not a great grid, I would like to be able to program across all the pixels.


I tried setting it up as 5 - 100 pixel arches individual and grouping them, and that just seems to make them all do the same thing or act individually.


Any ideas on how I can do this? Am I nuts? Ok, never mind on the second question, I have that answer already!






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Setting them up individually, and then creating a group containing them where arrangement is set to vertical stack should do what you want.


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