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Basic RGB startup hardware and lights


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Hi All!


I want to start up a Light Show in my hard and home, and would Like to Know the Basics, of what I need, for a good start-up RGB Light show.


Also, I would like the easiest way for me to do it, at the lowest cost.

I don't mind spending the money, just want something easy and simple to start..


Please list everything I need for a simple Show...

I will start purchasing hardware and lights now for 2016 season... 



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You will need the following:


DUMB RGB controllers like the CMB24D. It controls 8 RGB strips.

12v power supplies with at least 200w.

Waterproof box to house the controller/power supply.

RGB strips - 4 wire (RGB-power)

4 wire 18g wire - to extend the controller leads to your lights.

S4 Software with dongle


I think that should cover the basics...

Next is Pixels.

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To start small without a lot of outlay check out Holiday Coro starter kit (both smart and dumb).  these give you a couple of lights, power supply and controller to practice with (and the pieces are usable later with your regular display).   Seasonal Entertainment also has small starter kits.

great for working your way up the learning curve without being overwhelmed and without a big initial outlay.

The easiest would be start with a single CCR or CCP, these will hookup like your regular controllers on the same network easy just a bit more expensive but very reliable.

Either way you have something to learn RGB sequencing.

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